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Food With Stories



Our main hub, where you can choose from our full menu of authentic dishes. This is also the place to go if you want to take part in group activities or events.
Mon ~ Sat : 10.00 ~ 21.00
Sun : 13.00 ~ 21.00


Our food stall that always serves fresh, hand-made dumplings.
Opening hours in February
Thur ~ Sat : 12.00 ~ 21.00
Sun : 12.00 ~ 18:00

Group activities

Are you gathering family, friends, or colleagues, and want to try something different?

Kinabolle offers group activities to make it easier for people to spend quality time together and experience Chinese food culture.

Learn more about China and enjoy the feeling of togetherness.

Dumpling Course

Wrap your own dumplings together with your friends. You'll have fun, we promise!

This package includes making dumplings together and share rices dishes.  

Time: Approximate 2 hours
Price: 250 NOK per person
Minimum group size: 5+ people


Looking for something different for your gatherings?

Experience authentic Chinese food culture with catering from
Kinabolle. Try our sharing dishes, a variety of flavours at an affordable price.

Price: 155 NOK per person

Minimum group size: 15 people.


Kinabolle strongly believes in social responsibility. Our main focus is social relations. How can we be more tolerant, and how do we help people build stronger relationships?

non-profit organisations and the local community

We believe Chinese way of dining together can help to build community identity.

Kinabolle wants to contribute to the community by inviting local non-profit organisations to join our meal-sharing experience. If you represent a non-profit, school, nursing home, or asylum centre, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are open for good ideas of any kind.

China-related organisations

We believe our society will be more tolerant if people learn more about other cultures.

Are you interested in organising China-related events? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to be part of activities that can help people get to know Chinese culture.

our story

Kinabolle began with a food stall at Vippa in 2017, serving fresh, hand-made dumplings, made in the same way we make dumplings at home. In China, dumplings represent togetherness, and making dumplings together enhances social connections. At Kinabolle, we believe hand-made dumplings embody how culture and value is transmitted through food.

Founder Cuiming Pang is convinced that the traditional Chinese way of dining together can help build relations in modern society. Originally a sociologist, Pang studied how people build groups to cope with risk and uncertainty in our modern, highly-individualised society. Kinabolle is Pang’s translation of social studies into the language of food.

Although our story started with dumplings, Kinabolle now offers a variety of authentic dishes. We hope to bring people together by offering an authentic experience of Chinese food culture.

An employee and founder Pang making dumplings during a social event.

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